This website allows you to follow an ocean crossing in a small boat from the beginning to the end. Gerhard and Rudi will sail across the North Atlantic Ocean to raise sponsors for children in need.

Gerhard (left) and Rudi (right) at the wheel of  the Russian 4-masted Tall Ship “Sedov”

Dear friends, unfortunately we cannot continue our project, this is what happened:

Tenerife, March 2012

12th Rudi arrives

13th Rudi paints antifouling, Gerhard arrives in the late afternoon

14th We are both working and fix new chainplates and prepare the boat further. In the evening Rudi feels pain in his right shoulder and thinks it is just a sore muscle caused by the work.

15th We are both continuing to prepare the boat. Rudi’s shoulder seems to be ok but during the night again pain.

16th The boat is ready and also Rudi’s shoulder is much better. We get the last provisions with the car and stow them.

17th We do a last cleaning and run down our departure check list, check the weatherforecast and decide to leave next morning after a last shower and a good breakfast. But during the night the pain in Rudi’s shoulder gets so strong that he does not get a minute of sleep.

18th We decide to get a medical opinion on the pain in Rudi’s right shoulder and Heinz Juergen Schneider, the local representative of the Trans-Ocean Bluewater Sailing Club, drives us to the University Hospital. An examination is done by a traumatologist and the diagnosis is that one of the tendons is possibly damaged. In the opinion of the consultant a sail across the Atlantic is not possible.

We discuss the situation and decide to finally abandon the idea to sail across the Atlantic. Gerhard has sacrificed  two complete annual leaves from his practice, he has a loving wife and two daughters who need their dad.  He will take the boat back to Germany by trailer and ferry. Thus the dream comes to an end.